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illions, attesting to the results of auditing, prove beyond doubt that auditing accomplishes far more to better man than any other means ever devised.

Through auditing, a person can rid himself of his reactive mind and the limitations it imposes upon him-limitations which were once thought “natural.” Man’s full potential, so often speculated about, can be realized. This potential is far, far higher than earlier practices and religions ever thought possible.

Millions of Scientologists have found out more about themselves through auditing and improved their lives as a direct result.

The different processes which comprise auditing technology can be likened to a road-an exact road, with exact steps that anyone can walk. L. Ron Hubbard developed many different auditing processes during his research. He arranged these in a sequence that enables an individual to achieve greater awareness and with this, higher states of existence leading to, ultimately, a recognition of his own immortal nature.

If one thinks about it for a moment, one will recognize that there are many states of existence in life. A man is rich or poor, well or sick, old or young, married or single.

Moreover, in Scientology it is known that there are many states of existence beyond that of so-called normal man. This has been touched on by earlier philosophies but what is new about Scientology is that one can predictably attain these higher states of existence.

Although some savants in the Himalayas have worked in this direction, Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha) spoke of it at length, at least fifteen or twenty years of hard work were required for what was, at best, an uncertain outcome.

With Scientology, there are no such uncertainties. Higher states of existence are attainable through auditing, and these states and how they can be attained are described here.

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