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Scientology Expanded Grades

When they begin auditing, people are usually too beset by problems to immediately face and handle the core of the reactive mind. A person is worried about his mortgage payments. He suffers from job stress. His child needs dental work. His marriage is shaky. His paycheck is shrinking in the face of escalating taxes and inflation, and on and on. The day-to-day pressures of life are simply too consuming; and so one needs increased abilities just to stay abreast of these pressures, much less to surmount and be free of them.

The Scientology Expanded Grades are a series of auditing processes which address and increase specific abilities in order to place the individual in a far better position to survive.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered that there are certain definite barriers to living successfully. If a person is able in these areas he can survive. If he is unable in these areas, he does not survive well and flounders.

The Expanded Grades consist of six separate grades (which are described below) and nearly 150 different processes on which a person is audited. Each grade was designed by Mr. Hubbard to enable the individual to rehabilitate or strengthen specific abilities needed to succeed in life.

When a particular process has been run to its desired result, the person’s awareness increases in that area and he becomes more able in that regard. Running more processes on a similar subject returns more ability in the area. When all the processes of a grade have been run the person has become rehabilitated on the whole subject of that grade, at which point the next grade, and another area of ability, can be addressed.

In this way, the Expanded Grades improve the person’s abilities gradiently – abilities which were so buried that one has come to believe that his failings were simply a "natural" consequence of life. In fact, however, such failings are not natural at all. Through Scientology Expanded Grades auditing a person’s native potentials and characteristics become evident, and flourish.

The six Expanded Grades are:

Expanded ARC Straightwire: "ARC" refers to the components of understanding. "Straightwire" is another term for "straight memory," so called because in the auditing processes on this grade the auditor directs the memory of the preclear and in doing so is stringing wire, much on the order of a telephone line, between the preclear and the standard memory bank in the preclear’s mind.

The concept of ARC is one of the most important factors in all of life. If a person can establish ARC for something he can truly understand it. As noted, the subject of Scientology is the person himself, and so it follows that the first grade would involve restoring a preclear’s direct and immediate understanding of himself. This is accomplished through the processes of ARC Straightwire.

ARC Straightwire explores the capabilities of one’s memory and mind. If a person could increase his ARC for himself, he would realize that he is possibly his own best friend. A person who truly likes himself is an important first milestone to reach on the road to freedom.

Expanded Grade 0: The ability to communicate is one of the most fundamental abilities of a being. This ability too often fades through the course of living. As a consequence, some people grow shy and retiring. Others suffer from knots in their stomachs at the prospect of addressing a crowd. Still others are unable to discuss certain subjects or grow uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex or with people not of their age bracket. The number of ways a diminished ability to communicate can manifest itself are really incalculable.

The processes of this grade address a person’s ability to communicate and free him, in his own estimation, from any blocks in the area, thus restoring the ability to communicate to anyone about any subject. Although some may view such a state as an impossibility, factually thousands and thousands of people have received just such gains with Expanded Grade 0. And with the ability to communicate comes the joy of associating freely with others.

We instinctively revere the great artist, painter or musician and society as a whole looks upon them as not quite ordinary beings.

And they are not. They are a cut above man. He who can truly communicate to others is a higher being who builds new worlds.

Auditing can help an individual achieve this higher state of being – one who can communicate.

Expanded Grade I: This grade deals with the problems a person has in his life. One can be so enmeshed with unwanted situations that any chance for happiness seems remote indeed. The problems of relationships, finances, job, family, one’s ambitions, etc., can absorb a tremendous amount of energy.

What distinguishes civilized man as MAN is that he is mired in problems which just get worse the more he tries to "solve" them.

L. Ron Hubbard discovered a precise mechanism common to all problems. Any problem, regardless of how complex or how big, has at its source one intention in opposition to another intention. The conflicts in a person’s life all stem from opposing intentions. This mechanism makes a person indecisive, causes his worries and causes situations in his life to "hang up" and not resolve.

The processes on Expanded Grade I bring the preclear up to an ability to recognize the actual source of problems at which point they "vanish" – cease to be problems anymore. A person who can do this is too rare to be easily comprehended. Man solves problems. But a being in a higher state looks at them and they vanish.

The mechanisms and phenomena surrounding problems are things which man has never, before Scientology, examined or understood.

Someone with this ability – to make problems vanish with a glance – is certainly in a far better condition in life.

Expanded Grade II: People try as best they can to deal with the hostilities and sufferings of life. Hit with "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune," one responds in kind, and finds himself in a trap from which there has never been an escape.

The trap is composed of a person’s transgressions against the mores of his family, the society and the race. Throughout his life a person has agreed to certain codes of conduct. These are the mores by which he survives in harmony with others. When a person unthinkingly transgresses against the mores to which he has agreed or, with "good cause" knowingly offends them, his misery begins. Having transgressed, the person now feels he must hold back his deed from others, and he begins to withdraw or feel different from the person or group he has harmed. This is the mechanism by which people create misery, bitterness and hatred around themselves. This is the source of the guilty conscience, feelings of vengeance and, actually, all the sufferings and hostilities of life.

Expanded Grade II processes enable a person to take apart this mechanism for himself. It is a tremendous relief to fully view this aspect of one’s past in the calm, analytical environment of an auditing session.

The processes of Grade II eradicate these hostilities and sufferings from a person’s life and provide relief from the actions that have pinned one to his past.

Expanded Grade III: Man is chained to his prior upsets. He has never understood why he felt so upset about his family or people or situations.

Most people dwell perpetually on troubles they have had. They lead sad lives.

Freedom from upsets of the past, with the resultant ability to openly face the future, is almost an unknown condition to man. But this too can be achieved in auditing.

Times of upheaval can unknowingly pin a person’s attention years after the episodes. On Grade III processes one locates specific incidents where upsetting change occurred in life and addresses these. The end result of Expanded Grade III is the freedom to face the future with an enhanced ability to confront, experience and find advantage in the inevitable changes of life.

Expanded Grade IV: The next barrier to ability is addressed on Grade IV. Habit patterns can be nearly impossible to break, yet these fixed conditions hold a person down and rivet his ideas and activities in ways that cloud his potential.

The mechanism by which one falls into such a trap revolves around the concepts of right and wrong. Inborn in everyone is the impulse to be right. A person tries to be right and fights being wrong, no matter how he views these ideas. In the upsets, troubles and failures of life, this impulse to be right and not be wrong can become confused. This results in patterns of conduct that are demonstrably not in the best interests of survival, for they are fixed and repeated over and over in a misguided effort to be right.

The Scientology Passport to Freedom, used by Scientologists to assist in tracking their orderly progress up the Bridge. As one finishes a grade, the passport is stamped to show completion.

The processes of Grade IV enable the preclear to view himself in relation to all life and free himself from any patterns of thought and action which, while seeming to promote one’s survival, in reality do everything but. When one makes such a discovery it can dramatically change one’s life, and leads to a huge resurgence in the ability to choose, partake in and enjoy new activities.

Countless events over years and years of a lifetime diminish a person’s abilities. Many of these events, too insignificant to even notice at the time, yet have telling effects. With auditing, it does not take but a small fraction of one’s lifetime to restore abilities and even enhance them beyond what one thought possible. In two or three months of regular auditing a person can make tremendous strides towards a rehabilitation of his native abilities, and experience how good life can be with such barriers out of the way. The gain available from the Scientology Expanded Grades is considerable. It can literally bring one to new states of existence.

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