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What is Scientology Auditing?

Scientology auditing is a unique form of personal spiritual counseling which helps people look at their own existence and improves their ability to confront what they are and where they are.

Scientology auditing can bring any person from a condition of spiritual blindness to the brilliant joy of spiritual existence.

A person trained and qualified in applying auditing to individuals for their betterment is called an auditor. Auditor is defined as one who listens, from the Latin audire meaning to hear or listen. An auditor is a minister or minister-in-training of a church of Scientology.

Introduction to Scientology

Thanks to scientific and technical advances over the last hundred years, most people are today materially wealthier than their forebears. Yet, by their own accounts, the quality of their lives has not kept step. In fact, it may be argued that people were once happier and more fulfilled. For some, material affluence breeds anxiety, a gnawing fear that if someone doesn’t take away their hard-earned acquisitions, the end of their days will prematurely arrive to finish the job. Others find death easier to face than a lifetime of assembly-line slavery, while most, in a less dramatic fashion, simply buckle down to lives of quiet desperation.

In this twenty-first century, most have no real grasp of those factors governing their existence. And yet, simply stated, had they a greater understanding of themselves and their fellows they would be able to improve conditions and thus live happier lives. This, then, is the function of Scientology: to enable people to improve their lot through understanding.

Before Scientology, the tremendous scientific advances of this era were not matched by similar advances in the humanities. Our knowledge of the physical universe had far outdistanced our knowledge of ourselves. The resulting pressures from such an imbalance account for much that has unsettled society and threatens the future. Therefore, what Scientology represented to many when it appeared in the early 1950s was a restoration of the balance.

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Quote of the Day:

“Dreams, goals, ambitions – these are the stuff man uses for fuel.”

L. Ron Hubbard

The Evolution of a Science

Dianetics: The Evolution of a Science by L. Ron Hubbard Unlock your mind and discover yourself!

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Successes from Scientology Auditing

“Scientology counseling has expanded my reach for my family, my friends and mankind. I really want to help them survive. I find I have very little attention on myself personally as I have personal fulfillment, leaving time for involvement in my children’s schooling and community activities. I now have a high personal esteem for my friends and family.” — B.L.

“I have had many personal successes with Scientology auditing. My ability to let others be, without the need to interfere and unnecessarily interrupt or control them, came way up. This was a big win, in the work environment particularly. Also I found changes in life, often disconcerting in the past, became something I just took in stride. All in all, my ability to confront and handle the pressures and stresses of day-to-day interrelationships increased dramatically and I find myself calmer and enjoying life much, much more.”— K.R.

“After the Purification Rundown, I was more aware of my environment around me and I felt more alive, with much more energy. Every step on The Bridge gives more freedom, which is what attracted me to it to start with and why I continue to use Scientology philosophy on a daily basis. With Scientology, you reach your goals.” — T. B.

“There is so much for me to say about this fantastic auditing. It handled areas of myself and my life that I’ve wanted handled for so long. I’m incredibly happy. I don’t know when I’ve really ever attained this before. One of the biggest things that occurred was that I gained self-respect — something I’ve been without for a very long time. I now have the ability to inspect situations with myself and others and handle accordingly without shame, blame, regret or worry about the future. It’s a great life I have and will continue to have. I have a fresh start now!” — K.S.

“Scientology auditing cleared away the cobwebs that were standing in my way. In other words, my intelligence had always been there, but it was dormant. Auditing totally expanded my viewpoint in terms of what I want for my life and the people around me.”— S. R.

“Before Scientology I felt as though I wasn’t good enough or wasn’t able to accomplish things... I thought that the people who are really successful just had ’something special.’ But through Scientology training and auditing I have risen higher and higher in terms of ability and willingness to confront the different facets of my life. And life has become much easier and more joyful as a result.” — J. H.

“With what I learned from Scientology I was able to help my mother after surgery. She felt no reason to go on living although she has always been very full of life. I worked with her, using special Scientology assists to soothe her nerves, and she responded remarkably well. Without Scientology I would have had to just sit back and do nothing for my mother in her time of need.” — B.D.

“I’m free to be who I want to be and not care about what people say. That’s such an important thing for an actress! Everything I’ve done in Scientology has created very positive changes in my life and career and I find myself becoming more and more able as I move up The Bridge.” — A. R.

“Scientology has helped my marriage. We have learned to understand our children as fellow human beings rather than yell and scream at them. Scientology is the best single thing we have done and we are now in control of our lives. What more could one ask?” — W. M.

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